Alliance. Compliance Together.


Our Alliance...

Compliance is easier when compliance professionals work together - in a compliance alliance. 

Our Cohort is a group of compliance professionals who are working together to make each other better.  We know that even the most experienced struggle in some areas, and that is why a cohort of people working together is better - we can help each other in our areas of strength.

Alliance of Simplification

Compliance Cohort is a group of compliance professionals dedicated to working together to make complex regulations simple.  Bassicaly, we attempt to use simple terms and practical application to explain confusing rules and regulations.  In a war on complexity, it's nice to have an alliance with simplicity.

Alliance of Compliance Training

Learning new rules by one's self can be an extremely difficult task.  Compliance Cohort is committed to providing top-notch training in the realm of regulatory compliance.

Alliance of Support

Support is an important element for any compliance professional.  Whether it is answer questions or keeping aware of regulatory changes, it is important for compliance professionals to have an alliance of supporters to assist them with their challenging duties.

What is Compliance Cohort

Compliance cohort is an online education site designed to assist compliance professionals in banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and the other trenches that compliance folk live.  While our site contains many public articles, videos, regulatory updates and a few other tools, compliance professionals get an even greater value when they become a Cohort Member.

There is no cost for membership and Cohort Members receive a number of benefits:

  • Weekly e-mail alerts


How it Works

A cohort is a group of people banded together and working for the same cause.  In banking, regulatory compliance is often a lonely job as many compliance professionals working in community banks or credit unions are in a department of one. 

Our vision for Compliance Cohort is to create a place where compliance professionals can get support.  An alliance of sorts - a compliance alliance.  A place where questions can be asked, explanations can be given, and collaboration can take place among professionals who actually work for different employers.

Our Cohort instructors have one main goal: to make life easier for compliance professionals.  This means that we do everything we can to provide simple explanations and application to the complex world of regulatory compliance.

We truly hope that you will become a member of our cohort of compliance professionals just like you.