$100 Off BSA Bootcamp! - On Sale Now...

From now through 6/4/19, we are offering $100 off the BSA Bootcamp! A Foundational BSA/AML Class

The BSA Bootcamp! is designed to be a foundational online course on the Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering (AML) rules.  Longer and more comprehensive than a typical webinar, this Compliance Class runs around 3 ½ hours and takes a deep dive into the core elements of BSA rules that any BSA/AML professional should know and understand.  

The program is broken up into five different parts and explains 1) where the BSA rules came from, 2) how risk management should be at the foundation of any BSA program, 3) what the 5 pillars of BSA are and how they should be implemented in a financial institution, 4) the key areas of a BSA/AML program, and concludes with 5) some practical tips for understanding and managing a BSA program.  The BSA Bootcamp! Includes both a comprehensive manual and 3 training videos.

Using layman’s terms and practical examples, this program is both comprehensive and easy to understand, and incorporates a bit of fun into the process.  Not to mention a few good money laundering and fraud case studies (stories) - but be sure to sign up by 6/4/19 when the $100 discount expires.

View the BSA Bootcamp! course curriculum here.


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