BSA Bootcamp to Go ON SALE Next Week

If you or someone else on your team is looking for a foundational class on the essential element’s of a financial institution’s BSA/AML program, then you might be happy to know that our BSA Bootcamp will be going on sale later this month (late May).  Designed for those looking for a fundamental BSA/AML training program (like new BSA Officers, BSA back-ups, auditors, or anyone else wanting to increase their understanding of the core BSA rules), this course covers all of the key areas a BSA professional should know including:

  • A history and overview of the Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering rules

  • An explanation of BSA risk and the risk assessment process

  • The five pillars of BSA

  • Key elements of a BSA/AML program (CIP, CDD, CTRs, SARs, MILs, OFAC, ect.)

  • Tips for managing a BSA program

While this program isn’t yet on sale at this time, we wanted to give our members a heads up that the program will go on sale later this month, so you can start planning now. The full curriculum (and an overview video) can be found in our store at:

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Example of Unfair UDAAP Violation

Example of Unfair UDAAP Violation