Regulation CC Training Coming Soon!

We are getting ready to hit the studio to record our upcoming training on the new Regulation CC amendments that were released in June of 2019. If you aren’t yet aware of these change, you are going to want to pay attention as these changes are going to have a significant impact on your organizations in a couple of ways.

But don’t worry, we will be providing a short and sweet need-to-know training to get you caught up with these rules as quick and easy as possible. And they will be available to purchase soon.

You can learn more about our upcoming training on the June 2019 Regulation CC Amendments at

Note: For just a few dollars more, you will be able to get this training as part of our 2Q 2019 Quarterly Compliance Update, which will also be available later this month.

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HMDA Income for Cosigners (Video)

HMDA Income for Cosigners (Video)