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But don't worry, you can purchase any of our video webinars in our store here. Or, we even have free membership options so you can access many of our resources entirely for free.  Take a look below at our current membership options: 

Premium Membership

  • Basic Membership

  • A Monthly Master Class

  • Monthly Regulatory Change Videos

  • Monthly Q&A Videos

  • A Comprehensive Resource Page

Basic Membership (Free)

  • Weekly Emails

  • Member-Only Videos

  • Member-Only Articles

  • Member-Only Discounts/Offers

  • Special Email Alerts

Basic Membership (Free)

There is no cost for basic membership and Cohort Members receive a number of great benefits:

  • Weekly email updates

  • Member-only videos

  • Member-only articles

  • Member-only offers

  • Special e-mail alerts

Weekly Email Updates

First, members will be automatically enrolled to receive regular email summaries.  Provided once a week, these updates will ensure members are up-to-date on the happenings going on at the Compliance Cohort.  Our goal is to help keep members in the know of our recent postings as well as any compliance changes that take place.

Compliance Clips (Member-Only Videos)

Our "Compliance Clips" have proven to be the best benefit of Basic Membership.  These short, on-demand training videos provide an amazing value to members as they are presented in a "virtual classroom" approach that provides bite-sized learning.  Members find this approach significantly helps with comprehension of the material being taught.  Typically lasting 3 to 5 minutes, we present applicable topics as we see fit, but generally include existing regulations as well as a "heads up" on upcoming changes.  While a few Compliance Clips are available to non-members, Basic Membership provides access to many more videos than what are available to the public.  Access to our Compliance Clips is often cited as the main reason for becoming a new member. 

Member-Only Articles

The third benefit of our Basic Membership is a number of member-only articles.  These articles are presented in a "layman's terms" approach where we do our best explain complex rules in a way that anyone could understand.  While some articles are available to the public through our blog, members enjoy a number of articles available only through membership.

Member-Only Offers

Another benefit of our free Basic Membership is that members get a variety of  discounts and member-only offers.  For example, our monthly Master Class (which is included with Premium Membership) normally sells for $349 each but is available to Basic Members at a discounted rate of $299 per class.

Special Alerts

Finally, Basic members benefit from receiving certain special compliance alerts.  These occasional alerts vary in volume based on the need, and may include things like new regulations or a reminder of needed compliance action.

Premium Membership (Coming Soon!)

Coming soon!!!  Premium Membership to the Cohort will be our flagship product.  In addition to all of the benefits of our free, Basic Membership, premium members receive significantly more value.  Specifically, Premium Membership has a focus on the "how to" side of practical real-world compliance.  If those in the Basic Membership appreciate the value they receive, they will love the added benefits of Premium Membership.  

Premium Membership includes the following benefits:

  • Monthly Master Class Videos

  • Monthly Regulatory Change Videos

  • Monthly Q&A Videos

  • Comprehensive Resource Page

Monthly Master Class Videos ($349/mo value)

First, Premium Membership includes a monthly Master Class.  Each 1-2 hour video will take a deep-dive into a regulatory compliance topic and is comparable with other webinars on the market - except that our "video classroom" approach provides for an enhanced learning environment compared to the traditional webinar.  Topics will either focus on an upcoming regulatory change, or will rotate through existing topics (Alphabet Soup) that every compliance professional needs to know.  Master Class videos will be available for a minimum of six months and topics typically won't be repeated for at least 24 months.  While Master Class videos are included in the Premium Membership, they will also be sold Ale Cart to Basic Members at a price of $299 per class and to non-members for $349 per class.

Regulatory Change Videos ($79/mo value)

The second Premium Membership benefit is a monthly Regulatory Change video.  This video explains the regulatory changes that took place in the prior month by taking a look at new rules, guidance, and even applicable press releases.  The goal is to keep you informed of what is happening in the compliance world through a video presentation, rather than the traditional written format that most updates are provided in.  These videos typically don't take a deep dive into any new issuances, but provide an executive summary approach to assist any financial institution with their regulatory change management program.  The length of each video will depend solely on the amount of change that took place during the prior month.  The Regulatory Change Videos are included in Premium Membership but are available to Basic Members for $49/mo and to non-members for $79/mo (annual subscription required).

Monthly Q&A Video ($49/mo value)

The third benefit of Premium Membership is a monthly Q&A Video.  Premium members are invited to submit questions to the Cohort and will be answered each month in a monthly Q&A Video.  Each question will be shared with  all Premium Members, but the name of the member that submitted the original question will be kept anonymous.  We have found that compliance professionals learn a great deal from understanding the answers to questions asked by others as it helps them to be more well rounded and keeps them informed of potential hot topics.  Monthly Q&A Videos are included in the Premium Membership but are available to Basic members for $29/mo and to non-members for $49/mo (annual subscription required).

Comprehensive Resource Page  (TBD Value)

The next benefit of Premium Membership is that all members will have access to a comprehensive resource page.  This page provides links to regulations, final rules, and other relevant information.  New content is being added to this page all of the time and is often revised based on the request of premium members.  Our Comprehensive Resource Page is only available to Premium Members.

Our 3-E Education Approach (Priceless)

We take a three-part approach to all of our compliance education: educate, empower, and entertain.  While the first two E's are fairly straightforward, entertainment is not always an easy task when dealing with an inherently boring subject like regulatory compliance.  As we strongly believe that all three elements of the 3-E approach are essential for an ideal learning environment, we do everything we can to keep our videos entertaining.  This may include some random stories or some quirky jokes.  Though this isn't Comedy Central, our goal is to bring a slightly lighter side (at times) to a very serious topic.  If you are one of those people who doesn't like to chuckle at a lame attempt of humor, you might not want to join.  (See what we did there?)

Alliance of Compliance Professionals.jpeg

About Cohort Membership

Compliance Cohort is an online education site designed to assist compliance professionals in banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, and the other trenches that compliance folk live.  Our primary focus is to provide online compliance education though on-demand videos, articles and a few other resources.  

Traditional compliance training is often delivered through either live seminars (which require travel but allow attendees to see the presenter) or faceless webinars (which don't require travel but allow attendees to hear the material at a time that works best for them).  Our "virtual classroom" approach combines the benefits of live seminars with the benefit of on-demand webinars as we do our best to bring the classroom to the attendee.

Our Cohort instructors have one main goal: to make life easier for compliance professionals.  This means that we do everything we can to provide simple explanations, real life examples, and application to the complex world of regulatory compliance.  We also try to offer a few laughs to an otherwise depressing topic. 

Our philosophy is to take a three-part approach to compliance education: educate, empower, and entertain.  While the first two elements of our 3-E approach are fairly straightforward, the entertainment component is not always an easy task when dealing with an inherently boring subject like regulatory compliance.  Therefore, we do everything we can to keep our videos entertaining which may include some random stories or some quirky jokes.  Though we aren't professional comedians or entertainers, our goal is to bring a slightly lighter approach to a very serious topic.  

While our site contains many public articles and videos, compliance professionals get an even greater value when they become a Cohort Member.  We currently have two membership options: 1)Basic membership and 2) Premium Membership.  Basic members get access to many member-only videos and articles while Premium members receive in-depth compliance training as well as a variety of tools they need to keep up their compliance expertise.

We strongly believe that the value provided in a Compliance Cohort Membership will greatly benefit any compliance professional, like you, and look forward to having you join our Compliance Cohort community. 

Oh, and did we mention that basic membership to the Cohort is absolutely free?