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You are now enrolled in our Free Membership where you have access to member-only videos, member-only articles and special offers.  If you are looking for a deeper level of compliance training, be sure to check out our Premium Membership.  Free members can choose from one of the options below:

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Our Compliance Clips are short, 3 to 5 minute training videos that focus on all topics of regulatory compliance including mortgage lending, HMDA, BSA, deposit operations, fair lending, compliance management, and more.

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We have a number of articles that are available only to members.  These articles are written on all areas of regulatory compliance and are written in "layman's terms" so that they are easily understandable and apply to you.

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The Cohort Catalog provides quick links to specific compliance topics like TRID, HMDA, BSA, Fair Lending, compliance management, regulatory update, deposit operations, lending operations or whatever topic you might be looking for.